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From immigrant to $50 million a year Entrepreneur with Martin Martinez

A few years after arriving in Australia with less than $3,000, Martin Martinez completed High School before pursuing a career in corporate Australia. After quickly realising that working for someone else wasn't right for him, he left his job to help his parents manage a dwindling French Patisserie which he helped turn around within a few months.

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Martin’s next challenge was to find the capital to start his own business. Returning to the corporate world at Star City Casino where Martin rapidly moved up the ladder. Within a couple of years he was asked to play a key role in the installation of poker on the casino floor. This experience gave Martin the impetus to launch the Australian Poker League in 2005 which became the world’s largest poker franchise with over 120 territories in two countries, generating over $50 million a year in revenue!

In this interview, Martin shares with you not just his story of success, but also his few years following the sale of his multi million dollar company where he suffered losses and struggled to make his businesses fly.

In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

** Why you should trust your gut

** How being honest with yourself will make you money

** How luck can often be a factor of success

** How to manage creditors if you have cash flow issues

** Why tenacity is vital for you as an entrepreneur

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