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Back by very popular demand we have Siimon Reynolds for his third stint on the BBF podcast. Siimon will be talking to us about all things marketing, and there really is no one better qualified for the task.

Siimon is still famous for being the brains behind the legendary “Grim Reaper” anti-AIDS campaign in Australia in 1987. From there he cofounded the Photon Group, which grew into a global empire containing 6,000 employees in 52 different locations across 14 different countries. Siimon then left the Photon Group and set up the Fortune Institute which is dedicated to helping SMEs fulfill their potential. See below for some of the great marketing advice that Siimon gave, and a snapshot of the subjects he covered with Ben during the show:

** Sometimes market leaders are not the companies with the best product – they are the companies with the best marketing.

** Anyone can learn marketing, but it is such a long process to become an expert that it basically isn’t worth it for most people. The best thing is to learn the basics with a view to using that knowledge to effectively manage an external marketing expert.

** Before any marketing campaign, it’s a good idea to work in the following order: 1. Think about your target audience. 2. Tailor the message. 3. Define how to deliver the message.

** Remember that it’s a lot easier to get customers who have already said ‘yes’ to you to say ‘yes’ again, than it is to attract new customers.

** If you aren’t sure an advert is working then it probably isn’t – it’s time to stop. But don’t stop an advert and reject the medium of advertising. It’s more likely to be your ad rather than the medium that is the problem.

  In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

** What makes an effective marketing campaign

** How Dominoes revolutionized their entire marketplace with a simple marketing ploy

** The power of surveys

** Digital marketing target methods

** The importance of message V audience

** Split testing

** How long you should spend on social media

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Siimon is a shining example of what can be achieved with good marketing. If you follow his simple strategies you will give your business every chance to flourish. Also, if you are enjoying these Business Brain Food podcasts, then make sure to share them via social media sites or email the links to family and friends. A lot of time and effort goes into producing each of these podcasts with the goal in mind of the more people we can inspire about business the better. You can help us do just that! Until next time, have a profitable day. Cheers, Ben Fewtrell (02) 9111 5000

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