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Alex Baro really is not your average CEO. He’s only 28 and he’s never even had a full-time job! The trials and tribulations of his online fashion retailer Black Swallow serve as a great lesson for all of us. He built up his company from zero to 10m AUD annual turnover in year two, so how did he do it?


See some of Alex’s top tips below:

**  Price is the biggest differentiator in online retailing.

**  Suppliers need to genuinely like you. If there is no rapport you won’t get a good deal.

**  Do not underestimate the power of video. If you’re selling a product that you believe in, create a video that demonstrates how good it is.

**  Get your online advertising right. Alex spends 10% of his annual turnover on Facebook advertising (over a million dollars!).

**  Be persistent. One of Alex’s biggest-selling product came after multiple refusals from the supplier.

In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

**  The fast-fashion marketplace explained

**  The pitfalls of an importation business

**  How Alex recovered from being hacked

**  The potential cost of outdoor advertising

**  How Alex risked everything and made his own luck


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Alex’s story is a lesson in persistence. To build that multi-million dollar business you always dreamed of, you need to take some big risks and be prepared to ride out some rough times.

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