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This week we speak to James Polidoros, founder of a novel marketing concept called ‘The Compilator’. They specialise in digital transformation for their clients. Rather than focusing on individual media channels, they see all parts of the marketing mix as an entire eco system. James 360-degree approach has delivered some great results for his clients.


See some of James’s top tips below:

**  Don’t focus on a marketing channel until you’ve cracked your overall strategy. Strategy first, messaging second.

**  Don’t underestimate Bing. Bing can be good for B2B marketing because a lot of businesses have Microsoft/Bing preinstalled on their systems.

**  Video is more engaging than any other piece of content you can produce.

**  Post content regularly. Anything less than twice a week on Facebook will get you nowhere.

**  A common mistake clients make is to spread themselves too thinly across the different social media channels. Make sure you master one channel before you move onto others.

**  Understand the nuances of each social channel. Your copy should be more formal on Linkedin than Facebook, for example.

**  Beware of a marketing agency that pitches you on one single channel.


In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

**  Affordable social media ad options

**  The pitfalls of Adwords

**  Bid adjustments explained

**  Bing V Adwords

**  UTMs explained

**  How to convert good content into sales

**  Is Twitter still useful for business?


Resources mentioned in this episode:

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Remember to see all of your possible marketing outlets as an ecosystem. Don’t lose sight of the big picture.

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