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Happy 200th birthday to us! And what a treat we have for you this week: a free coaching session from one of our top dogs, David Carlin. It was David who first persuaded Ben to form the partnership that eventually became MaxMyProfit, so it was great to hear them have a chinwag about the fundamentals of business.


See some of David’s top tips below:

**  Be careful not to eat your house. If you can’t pay yourself in your business for an extended period, then you should think about getting out.

**  Make sure you live to your plan. Don’t become a hamster in the wheel.

**  Communication is key. If you’re in a partnership, be truthful in the bad times.

**  Playing to your strengths is understandable, but be careful to not ignore the aspects of your business that you aren’t naturally good at.

**  Don’t fall into the trap of trying to save money by devaluing your own time. Not investing can sometimes cost you “more” in real terms.

**  Remember to stop and look at what you’re doing from an outsiders’ perspective.


In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

**  David’s ups and downs in business

**  How to exit business gracefully

**  How to approach CRMs and systems

**  The definition of success

**  SOCMO explained

**  The difference between people who succeed and people who don't


Resources mentioned in this episode:

**  Do you have what it takes to be a Business Excelerator at Max My Profit? Find out more here:

**  The classic book that inspired David: Think & Grow Rich! (Napoleon Hill)

**  The Business Brain Food Facebook group:

**  All previous BBF episodes & show notes can be found at

**  Twitter:


Call to action:

Take note of what Dave says in this episode: “if you’re down in the mud pit, you’ll only make mud pies”. Remember to look at yourself from outside of the “pit” and be prepared to make bold decisions.

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Until next time, have a profitable day!

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