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What an inspirational man we have on the show this week. From being a corporate high flyer, Matt Burns now dedicates all of his efforts towards helping others. But this is no ordinary charity. The Global HR Collective is funded by all of Matt’s real-world work - he simply won’t accept donations. Before starting the collective, Matt was an award-winning HR porfessional, so we talk to him about how to innovate in the HR world as well as how to create and run a global not-for-profit enterprise.


See some of Matt’s top tips below:


**  There’s a difference between activity and productivity. Don’t assume that just being busy is going to make you successful.

**  Don’t spend all your time working in your business. Work on your business.

**  Be patient with your content marketing. Throw away your instant gratification!

**  HR is similar to marketing. In HR you are projecting a message and you need buy-in from your internal audience.


In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:


**  How Matt pioneered new technology to revolutionise HR

**  Finding work/life balance as an entrepreneur

**  How Linkedin worked for Matt

**  The art of collaboration

**  How to attract the right people to your business

**  The benefits of failed content


Resources mentioned in this episode:

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**  Matt’s cause:


**  Find Matt on LinkedIn here


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Matt is living proof that if you want to do good with your entrepreneurship, you CAN.

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