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If your business can’t scale then there’s probably something wrong with it.

This week we speak to Ben Goodman about the dos and don’ts of scaling. Ben is the cofounder of Pod & Parcel: a business that delivers high-quality instant coffee in biodegradable pods. In just three years Ben has scaled up his business to generate 10K in revenue every day, and just for good measure he’s also appeared on Shark Tank.


See some of Ben’s top tips below:


**  Don’t underestimate people’s guilt about the environment. An eco-friendly product could absolutely fly if you get it right.

**  You don’t always need to pay for PR and advertising in the beginning. If you are a decent writer and you can convey the story of your product, you can gain traction.

**  Test your product as quickly and cheaply as possible.

**  If your product works, scale very quickly! You should throw your money into advertising and production the moment you feel traction, otherwise competitors will muscle in.

**  Don’t do everything yourself. Your time has a value, so make sure you use it in the right areas.


In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

**  The pros and cons of self-financing

**  The power of Facebook marketing

**  How Ben scaled to 10K worth of business per day

**  The unreliability of prospective investors

**  In house V outsourcing


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The over-riding message from Ben is to act quickly and scale, but only after you’ve ironed out your mistakes.

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Until next time, have a profitable day!


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