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This week we speak to a serial entrepreneur who’s really been there and done it. Amber Renae went from building bridges as a civil engineer to building up three six-figure businesses, including a fashion label supported by none other than Paris Hilton. But this certainly isn’t a story of serene progress and overnight success. Amber was refershnighly open about how she recovered from bankruptcy and bad money management to become the inspirational entrepreneur she is today, delivering e-courses and building sales funnels.


See some of Amber’s top tips below:

**  Don’t call yourself an entrepreneur unless you actually have a proper business!

**  You can still be successful in business if you’re bad at managing money, but make sure you delegate to someone who is a specialist in this area.

**  Don’t be afraid to say no to new clients and growth. If you can’t manage it properly then don’t do it.

**  Pay people for the knowledge you don’t have. The amount of time you save by doing this is nearly always worth it.

**  If you’re a good learner then you’re probably good at business. The day-to-day work of an entrepreneur is all about learning and problem solving.


In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

**  What motivates an internationally successful entrepreneur

**  What it was like to be an entrepreneur before it was fashionable

**  How Amber came back from bankruptcy

**  The power of learning

**  The challenges of selling a product versus selling a service


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According to Amber, persistence is the key. “The only reason I am where I am is that I’ve failed more than everybody else.”

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