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This week we speak to someone who saw a gap in the market and absolutely went for it. Adala Bolto created a fitness concept aimed squarely at young women that she felt were being marginalised by the big boys in the marketplace. She did so well that now the major market players are working with her to grow the ZADI brand. Adala also has some great insight about how franchising can help you learn the ropes as an entrepreneur.


See some of Adala’s top tips below:

**  Franchising can be a good first step into entrepreneurship. There is a lot you can learn.

**  Understand your why. If you only want to make money then franchising is probably not for you.

**  How long do you intend to franchise for? Make sure you establish this from the outset, because it can be a long-term commitment.

**  A good definition of success is when you’ve built your business to such a point that you don’t need to work on it day-to-day.


In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

**  The logic of naming a business

**  Franchising V own business

**  How to gear-up a business to franchise it out

**  How to select the right franchisees

**  How to organise your time when you’re at the top of a business


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We’ll end it with a quick tip from Adala on the art of doing a deal. “If a deal makes sense for both parties then get the deal done!”. Although this sounds like stating the obvious, there is a lot to be said for Adala’s attitude of thinking about the big picture and how best to move forwards, rather than wasting time debating trivial matters.

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