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It’s always nice to speak to a young entrepreneur who backed themselves and made a roaring success of it. This week we speak to Conor Reynolds; a millennial who saw the bad eating habits engrained into the workplace and went and did something about it. In just three years his Snackwize business has swept across Australia and New Zealand, supplying healthy snacks directly to the workplaces of people who simply don’t have the time to leave the office and eat healthily.


See some of Conor’s top tips below:

**  If you really believe in your idea, don’t be afraid to quit your day job, but only do this when your new venture has revenue coming in. It sure as hell worked for Conor!

**  Millennials will make up three-quarters of the Australian workforce in six years. Make sure you’re moving with the times.

**  Be conscious of the food your workforce is eating. Snacking on junk food will reduce the productivity of your employees. Have you thought about encouraging healthy eating?

**  Control the growth of your business and don’t get greedy. Make sure your processes are in place so you are always ready for the next phase of growth.

**  An investor can also be a mentor. Don’t just take people’s money - there is often so much more you can get from them.


In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

**  How Conor happened upon his business idea

**  How Conor found a point of difference in an established marketplace

**  The benefits of a subscription model

**  What motivates Conor

**  How to approach new business

**  The importance of good SEO


Resources mentioned in this episode:

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We’ll end with a word from Ben to help you solve the age-old dilemma of whether you should take the plunge with your business idea or not: “If you were a racehorse, would you back yourself in the race?”

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