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We’ve got a bit of a celebrity on the show today. If you don’t know the name Jim Penman then you might know his face from billboards and trailers all over Australia. Having started as a part-time gardener, Jim eventually built up Jim’s Mowing to become the largest franchise chain in the whole of Australia and the largest lawn-mowing business in the world. With 3,800 franchisees across the globe, this guy really knows his stuff about how to keep franchisees happy and how to keep an international business fresh.


See some of Jim’s top tips below:

**  Don’t assume there is a magic bullet that will suddenly make your business successful. It’s the thousand small things that will give you the edge.

**  Never put your short-term interests ahead of the needs of your franchisees.

**  Pay attention to your complaints. They are free advice to help you get better.

**  Do what you can to be sympathetic towards franchisees.

**  Even though Jim is a smart businessman, he couldn’t be without his business tutor.

**  Don’t get too hung up on revenue targets. Just look after your customers properly and you won’t go far wrong.



In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

**  How Jim built the largest global company in his field

**  How to look after franchisees

**  How being an entrepreneur can be a lifestyle choice

**  Jim’s crusade to change humanity

**  Why McDonalds is a great example of a franchise

**  The value of audiobooks



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You won’t go far wrong if you take this away from what Jim said today: “Look at everything you do every day and work out how you can do it better”

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