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This week we speak to someone whose company is number one in BRW’s list of the 50 best places to work. Tristan White really knows how to build a winning culture in his business.


He is the founder and CEO of Physio Co and tells us the story of how he has managed to keep his 100+ employees happy for so long.



See some of Tristan’s top tips below:

**  Don’t be afraid to change direction. If you reach the summit of something and in the end it doesn’t feel right, do something else.

**  There’s nothing good about comfortable. If you play too safe your career will go stale.

**  Make sure your employees have core values in common. Not too many, but something between 3 and 5 core values is about right.

**  To find the right employee, meet them in different circumstances. What are they like in an interview compared to what they are like over dinner?

**  Always have a "north star” to follow. In Tristan’s case it was a 10-year target of consultations.

**  Don’t give people too many chances. It’s hard to get rid of people who aren’t performing but for the sake of the rest of your team, it has to be done.



In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

**  How Tristan learnt from the culture of team-building in sports

**  How Tristan built a culture that made him listed in the top 50 organisations

**  Top grading recruitment explained

**  The importance of core values



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Tristan is absolutely right: we spend so much of our lives at work so it needs to be fun and fulfilling. In the long run it is better for your company to focus on creating a happy culture than it is to work your employees to the bone in pursuit of short-term gains.

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