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Andrew Henderson is a prolific globetrotter who has now made a highly successful business out of it. Using his experience of traveling and doing business in over 100 countries, he has some great advice for people who wish to change their lives and become global citizens. Andrew has a refreshingly different but pragmatic take on commerce and on life – he is well worth listening to.


See some of Andrew’s top tips below:

**  Are you a hustler or are you a builder? Understand where you sit in the market.

**  Follow your intuition and don’t let people get in your way. As Andrew says: “Steve Jobs didn’t create the iPhone by being reasonable”.

**  There is value in longevity. Although many people succeed by moving from venture to venture, if you stick at something then people will come to you.

**  Offshore living can be legal and legitimate - it isn’t all smoke and mirrors.

**  Invest in yourself if your business is working. Don’t waste time on semantic cost cutting.


In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

**  The myth of the “wantrepreneur”

**  How to be more tax efficient by being a nomad

**  How Andrew used his knowledge of travel and successfully monetised it

**  How social media propelled Andrew’s business

**  The concept of financial porn

**  The difference between blogging and journaling

**  How to become a truly global citizen



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Andrew has a great take on money and the wider meaning of it that we can all learn from: “Being too stingy normally causes more problems than being too abundant”

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