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What an interesting character we have on this week’s episode. Brent Grundy has actually been branded “The Man Who Tried Everything” and as you will hear from the interview, it’s a title he richly deserves! Brent’s most successful venture is Flip Out International: a global children’s play business that spread from Sydney to 87 locations worldwide in just 6 years. Brent keeps going back to the point that failure is something to be cherished and used to empower your next move - he has a very interesting take on things.

See some of Brent’s top tips below:
** To get ahead you’ve got to find a problem and create a solution.
** You don’t need to be the smartest guy in the room - you just have to hire that guy.
** If something doesn’t work, stop doing it! Don’t dwell - move onto the next thing.
** Every time you lose you still gain something. You may lose money in the short term but this loss may empower you to make big money in future.
** Cheap lawyers can cost you the most! Invest in your legal team to make sure you are properly protected.
** Work out what your skills are and play to them. If you’re and entrepreneurial risk-taker, don’t assume that you’ll be a good manager of the day to day.
** You don’t learn a lesson until it becomes really painful, i.e. losing money.
In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:
** How Brent overcame ADD to succeed
** The power of failure
** How Brent became the man who tried everything
** How a concept can snowball internationally if you get it right
** The different types of person in business
** What you need on the ground overseas to make an international business work
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“If it doesn’t work when you turn right, just turn left,” says Brent. Just keep rolling that dice!
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