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Julie Ockerby tells us a great story of how she saw a problem in everyday life and created a successful business that solved it. When her father got ill she was disgusted at the standard of elderly accommodation she saw. Having worked with luxury hotel groups and having been a nurse herself, she built up Meli Studio and became an award-winning designer for residential and commercial homes for aged care.

See some of Julie’s top tips below:
** Understand if your an extrovert or an introvert. Build your business to suit your strengths, i.e. if you're an extrovert make sure you surround yourself with many different voices.
** Delegate! Your business will never excel if you don’t take the time to build a team and delegate.
** Have a pier group of like-minded business people who you can lean on for support. It certainly worked for Julie. One monthly meeting can make all the difference.
** Don’t let things slide. If something doesn’t look right to your clients/customers take action on their timetable, not yours.
** Get out there and meet as many people as you can. Think about going to conferences outside of your own industry and learning a different angle.
In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:
** How to acquire and existing business and take it forwards
** How Julie grew her business exponentially
** How to delegate properly
** Is international travel worth it?
** How Julie went from aged care to pioneering her own fabrics?
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We’ll end with a great piece of advice from Julie: “I don’t think anyone can appreciate success unless they have failed a few times.”
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