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One of our favourite guests returns for a truly inspirational conversation. Steve Brossman is a serious high achiever… what hasn’t this man done? When a terrible accident put an end to his career as a professional sprinter, he dug deep to become a serial entrepreneur and eminent media figure. He’s had three hugely successful multi-national businesses and found fame when he hosted and produced his own show on Channel 9. If this man says you can succeed in a recession, then you can succeed in a recession!

See some of Steve’s top tips below:
** Steve learnt his best lessons during recessions and managed to grow businesses through all of them.
** Write down your champions list, i.e. all the good things you can remember doing and how you did them.
** Set momentum goals. The wining feeling you get when you hit goals makes you more likely to hit the next one.
** When you set your goals, picture yourself at the top of the mountain rather than the bottom. Then divide the rest of the mountain into small attainable goals.
** Put yourself out there! The natural reaction at a time like this is to reduce marketing activity, but you should do the opposite.
In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:
** How to increase your momentum
** How to set goals properly
** What kind of opportunities to look for in a recession
** How to conquer your business anxiety
** How to discover your “you”
** How to make endorphins work for you
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We’ll end with this takeaway from Steve: “Personality and passion produces profit, NOT perfection”
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