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Being a podcast that’s 142 episodes old it really is about time we talk about podcasting! It’s done so much for Maxmyprofit so there’s no reason why it can’t transform your business. Our guest this week is the head of content at – a comprehensive podcasting platform that can enable literally anyone to get going as a podcaster.

Rob has been podcasting from pretty much the beginning of the podcast era in 2004, having started off as a live broadcaster on local radio in Seattle. He saw the opportunity that podcasting provided and began to syndicate the show around the world, selling advertising and generally monetizing the whole project. Since then his podcasting expertise has seen him work for the likes of Microsoft.

This guy sure knows his stuff – here are some of his top tips:

**  Look at yourself and look at how you’re trying to reach your base of possible customers… would a podcast work for this?

**  Consulting-style businesses where you’re basically selling yourself are ideal for podcasting.

**  Understand your measures of success. Your show doesn’t have to have 1 million listeners. It could be enough to have 500 avid listeners based locally.

**  Every year, podcasting listenership numbers increase.

**  Think of the potential longevity of your show before you start. Can you actually sustain it after a few shows? Will you run out of ideas?

**  Get going with it now! Don’t wait around and pre-record a load of them. Accept that you will get better on the job.

**  Audiences are built around consistency. You will probably be more successful with your podcast if it’s weekly rather than monthly.

**  Understand what production time you can dedicate. If you don’t have time for post-production, you can make up for that by slick pre-production that means you basically make the show ‘live’ and don’t need to do extensive editing.

**  Listen to other people’s shows and get some ideas. There is nothing wrong with this at all. Just take the best bits from the shows and find your voice!


In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:


**  Is a podcast for me?

**  The differences between radio and podcasting

**  The advertising potential of podcasting

**  The age/gender split in podcasting

**  The cost of hosting podcasts

**  How to start your own podcast

**  The right frequency for podcasts

**  How software can effectively work as a mixing desk


Resources mentioned in this episode:


**  Leave a review of BBF on the itunes store and gain access to some members-only training on user experience. This is a great, hour-long video called “The three secrets to making your website convert visitors into customers”. All you have to do is leave a review, copy the text and email it to and you will be given access to the training.

**  Listen to Rob’s weekly Spreaker live show for more hints and tips on podcasting (broadcast on Wednesdays at 3pm PST)

**  Connect with Rob on twitter @robgreelnee and at

**  All previous BBF episodes & show notes can be found at

**  Twitter:


If listening to this podcast wasn’t enough to prove the value of podcasting to your business, then hearing just how easy it is thanks to the kind of services that Rob provides should be enough to persuade you to take the plunge. Just go for it and get podcasting!!

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Until next time, have a profitable day.

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