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Every business needs referrals, but how do you go about getting them? Do you offer people incentives? Do you even ask for them at all? All will be revealed by our guest this week…

Stacey Brown is an absolute referrals guru. Having worked in sales & marketing and run two of her own businesses, she now has a full-time business coaching people in how to best achieve referrals, and guess what: she gets a good portion of her own business through referrals too!

See below for some great tips from Stacey:

**  Never ask for a referral. Your referrals-gathering system is more likely to be sustainable in the long term if it doesn’t rely on you having to continually raise yourself to ask for them.

**  However good your product/service might be, your business will never work unless you can attract new clients.

**  Think of every client as a potential referrer. You must connect with them at a human level while you are delivering their service.

**  Be memorable and meaningful. There are certain parts of the referral process you can automate but you must drive it with genuine meaning from the top.

**  Have 3 business development plans. A prospecting plan, a marketing plan, a referral plan.

**  Remember if you haven’t spoken to someone for a while you need to tread carefully with your opening language.

**  Make sure you write a hand-written thankyou note for every referral you receive.


In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

**  How to attract referrals without selling your soul

**  How good companies fail to get referrals

**  How to deliver a truly personalised client-management experience

**  The 5-step referral generation plan

**  How to understand your referral sources

**  How to speak to a client who is giving you poor referrals


Resources mentioned in this episode:

**  Ben’s free business planning template:

**  Stacey’s special freebie for BBF listeners, “The Seven Deadly Sins of Generating Referrals” can be downloaded here

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According to Stacey, the average business can hope to attract 30% of their new business from referrals if they get their process right. Just think of how much money you could make here!

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Until next time, have a profitable day!

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