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This week we have an enlightening chat about freelancing and company branding with and absolute authority on the matter, Alexandra Watkins. As CEO of her own creative agency, Alexandra has worked with some very impressive clients such as Google, Amazon and Dunkin’ Donuts. She has also written the brilliantly titled Amazon-besteller, “Hello, my name is awesome!”

See some of Alexandra’s top tips below:
** Be proactive. Don’t be afraid to find people on Linkedin who work for companies you like and offer up your services.
** Consider using virtual teams with employees based around the world. You can cut your overheads significantly
** Think seriously about your brand name. No other investment in your business will be used as much as your name
** Think about joining professional groups where you could meet potential future clients
** When naming your business, use a name that will mean something to your customers, not just you.
In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:
** How Alexandra has remained relevant for 15 years
** How to name your business
** The pros and cons of freelancing
** The dangers of too much automation
** How to make virtual teams work for your business
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We’ll end with Alexandra’s favourite quote: “To fail once is a lesson, twice is stupidity”.
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