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This week we tell the story of a prolific entrepreneur. Phillip Kouch had the vision to turn one doughnut stall into a Melbourne doughnut empire that may be soon expanding to a city near you. He also pioneered an online giftbox delivery service, giving him a serious edge on his competitors.


See some of Phillip’s top tips below:

**  Try and do something that your competitors are not doing. That’s what worked for Phillip.

**  Do everything you can to get onside with journalists and bloggers. One or two pieces of coverage can totally transform your business.

**  Create intrigue. A product in your range that people don’t fully understand might be a good thing.

**  Collect information! If a doughnut stall can build a massive database then so can you.

**  Manage your marketing databases properly. If you don’t do this, your marketing is doomed to fail.



In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

**  Phillip’s incredible story

**  The importance of social media

**  How to franchise effectively

**  What drives Phillip

**  A dossant explained

**  How to court influencers



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We’ll end with some sage advice from Phillip: “If you spend too long thinking about an idea then someone else is going to go out and do it.”

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