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This week we speak to a woman who took her business global from the most humble of beginnings. Fabienne Costa had an idea when sitting at her high school desk that she was going to make and sell her own jewelry, so eventually she went out and did it. Now she presides over YCL Jewels and distributes to 85 countries around the world. The story of how she overcame adversity along the way to build up a global business with zero outside investment is a great lesson to any entrepreneur.


See some of Fabienne’s top tips below:

**  Cultivate a positive relationship with yourself. Once you manage this, it will be a lot easier to succeed in business.

**  Being young and inexperienced can be a blessing in business. You’ll make mistakes but you’ll be malleable enough to learn from them.

**  See your business as something that exists in the context of a wider lifestyle. If you don’t you run the risk of being consumed by stress and negativity.

**  Define your ideal customer. You can’t focus your marketing properly without this.


In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

**  How to overcome self doubt in marketing

**  How to run a company without working long hours

**  Influencer marketing explained

**  Recruiting on Instagram

**  How to get a company off the ground with no investors

**  How Fabienne went from selling on Etsy to a worldwide operation


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Fabienne’s motto rings true for all of us: “Take one small step every single day”.


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