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There’s a good chance you’ve already had some advice from our guest this week… it’s just you didn’t know it. Karen Jacobsen is the famous voice of Apple’s SIRI app as well as the voice of 400 million Sat Nav devices around the world, but here she is today, live and fully dangerous!

As well as her massive success as a voiceover artist, Karen has written a self-help book called “It’s Never Too Late To Recalculate” which uses the instructions on a Sat Nav as a metaphor for how people can change direction in their own life. We had a very interesting chat with Karen – she’s certainly had one heck of a life. Karen was kind enough to share with us some top tips from her book as well as some other advice on how to stay well and live a happy life:

** Notice when you’re “off route”. If you’re not honest enough with yourself to acknowledge that there is something fundamentally wrong, it is impossible to change direction.

** Get clear about what you love to spend your time doing. Have that conversation with yourself and focus your everyday life towards doing it.

** At the end of the year, do a “stock take” of your life, i.e. what you accomplished, what you wished you accomplished and what the disappointments were. Then create a list of what you want to do in the subsequent year. Then display this list in a prominent position at home so it can serve as a reminder and keep you focused on the right stuff.

** Try and be around likeminded people who are getting somewhere in life. Being part of some kind of mastermind group can be a great help.

** Don’t wait until you hit rock bottom before making changes. It’s easier to make small changes as you go than to take extreme action in a crisis.

  In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

** The 5 steps to recalculate formula

** How to listen to your inner GPS

** How to hear yourself think

** The benefits of meditation

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“It’s never too late to recalculate” says Karen, so if you feel like you’re just going through the motions in your business, follow Karen’s lead and change direction. The unknown is normally less scary than you think. Also, if you are enjoying these Business Brain Food podcasts, then make sure to share them via social media sites or email the links to family and friends. A lot of time and effort goes into producing each of these podcasts with the goal in mind of the more people we can inspire about business the better. You can help us do just that! Until next time, have a profitable day. Cheers, Ben Fewtrell (02) 9111 5000

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